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    Giving Back: Susan Ingram

    Susan Ingram is taking on a problem that’s stymied law enforcement for decades. It’s a national and international problem, and it’s created more slaves in the world today than during the Trans-Atlantic slave trade.


    Child sex trafficking: Susan wants to fight it. Don’t bet against her.


    Confident, strong, and straightforward, Susan’s a survivor of sexual assault herself. She says she was called by God to create Walk Her Home, a nonprofit dedicated to raising money for organizations that give support, provide housing, and offer job training for victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation in Pennsylvania. ‘It’s modern-day slavery,” Susan explains.


    Though Susan formed Walk Her Home, a 501(c)3 charity, in January of this year, their first public fundraiser is already slated for Oct. 7, at the Westtown School.


    Traffickers prey on vulnerable tweens and early teenagers. “Almost every girl feels like she’s not pretty enough, no one will love her, and that’s when they’re preyed upon. They’ll arrange to meet at a mall, at a park, after school.” The trafficker manipulates her and creates a bond of trust. Buys her things—jewelry, clothes—and professes his love. Or she’s promised a job as a model, actress, or dancer.


    Susan’s passionate about educating parents because it happens right here in Chester County. “The profile for victims is girls 11-14 years old,” Susan says. “It can happen in any family.”


    The best defense as a parent is to be involved. “Know who they talk to on phone apps—that’s usually where this starts,” she says. “Know where they are, be involved in their lives.”


    Come do something about it and join the 5K walk and kids’ fun run on Oct. 7, followed by a fall festival. Go to to learn more about the 5K and how to help—donations and volunteers are needed.


    “People don’t like to talk about this,” Susan says. “But we need to—or it will never stop. “We can end child sex trafficking in our lifetime.”