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    West Chester Welcomes Gemelli Food Truck

    Have you been to Gemelli Gelato on West Market Street? Now, your favorite gelateria will be taking the ice cream you love and putting it on wheels! Coming in August, Gemelli is excited to introduce their all new food truck.


    Vincenzo and Julianne Tettamanti, Gemelli’s owners, provided insight as to how this truck was conceptualized.


    “Mobile is good for the products that we sell,” Vincenzo Tettamanti explained. “If you’re located in one place, people need to come to you. But if it’s something like a truck, it’s easy for us to reach different markets, explore around town and go to different events.”


    The truck, a vintage 1948 International Harvester Metro, was recently completely renovated and restored in Arizona. The Tettamanti’s plan for the truck to travel as much as two hours away from West Chester and sell their gelato at various venues and fairs throughout Chester County.


    “A lot of people reached out to us saying, ‘Hey, we would love to have gelato at our events,’” Julianne Tettamanti recalled. “So we said, ‘Wow, we’re getting a lot of people reaching out to us to come to them! So, let’s build an extension of our business and make a truck.’”


    LEFT: New Gemelli food truck RIGHT: Gemelli owners Vincenzo and Julianne Tettamanti

    Gemelli Gelato first arrived in West Chester in October 2014. To Vincenzo Tettamanti, it was like a little taste of his hometown of Ferrara, Italy because of the number of restaurants in town. That’s why he wanted to bring a new and improved taste of the gelato he loved making here.


    “Everybody makes gelato and ice cream from pre-made powders, flavoring products, corn syrups, and colorants. Even in Italy,” Vincenzo Tettamanti stated. “I grew up eating gelato and it wasn’t the best. I wanted to differentiate from what I had before and come up with a product that was even better than that.”


    That quality gelato will be brought to you in a few weeks. When Gemelli’s food truck does arrive, you can expect to see Vincenzo and Julianne Tettamanti driving and working it.


    “So much work was put into it,” Julianne Tettamanti said. “It’s like our baby.”


    The truck will include Gemelli’s ever-changing flavors. In fact, they change so much that it’s tough to pick a favorite! But no matter which kind you choose, there’s something for every customer here.


    “That’s the beauty of it,” Julianne Tettamanti said. “Gelato’s for everybody!”


    Gemelli Gelato’s food truck will be arriving in West Chester in August. For more information, email