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    Crazy for Hot Cocoa!

    By Fig Guest Blogger Zoe Musselman


    Hot chocolate is a staple in chilly winter weather. It’s a little something that can help brighten a bleak, grey day. West Chester provides locals with so many options for a cup of delicious hot chocolate that it can be overwhelming to decide where to go. This guide will help make that process a bit easier so that you can find that perfect cup of hot cocoa! Here are some places where you can find a steaming cup of hot chocolate for under $3:

    Dia Doce


    Not everyone knows this, but Dia Doce offers much more than delicious, gourmet cupcakes. Aside from their cozy and friendly atmosphere, they offer tasty beverage options to fulfill everyone’s cravings (these make a perfect pairing to any of their various cupcake flavors). Dia Doce’s hot chocolate certainly doesn’t disappoint! For any college students looking for a sweet treat before class, Dia Doce is the perfect place. The quick, efficient baristas make getting in and out in a timely manner easy, and their delicious hot drinks make the extra walk from campus so worth it! I got a very tasty (and not too sweet) cup of hot cocoa to-go as I did some chores around town. It was a very chilly day, but it was made so much more enjoyable with my warm drink in hand!

    The Classic Diner


    The Classic Diner served what seemed to me the perfect cup of hot chocolate. It is the kind of hot cocoa that every little kid dreams about—chocolate syrup oozes down the sides of the mug while a generous topping of whipped cream slowly melts down into the hot cocoa. This was by far the richest hot chocolate out of all the stops I made, and it certainly fulfilled my craving for something sweet! After savoring the chocolate syrup and whipped cream from the top, I was delighted to find that what was underneath was even more enjoyable! It’s so yummy you’ll be tempted to get another cup for the road.



    Fenn’s is West Chester’s own hipster’s paradise, and the hot chocolate that they offer is just as heavenly as the coffee shop’s unique atmosphere. Tucked down on Church Street, Fenn’s has a large menu offering everything from a steaming cup of coffee to a decadent latte. Aside from their selection of coffee, they also offer a a great cup of hot cocoa made from Ghirardelli chocolate that is sure to hit the spot! Their unique chocolate blend makes them stand out from the rest, and their friendly baristas make the trip into town worth it. And if you don’t have time to run into town, take advantage of their food truck on West Chester University’s campus!



    West Chester is filled with so many shops that offer yummy hot drinks that this guide only begins to scratch the surface. Gemelli, although most well known for their delectable gelato, also offers some really impressive hot chocolate options. Their hot chocolate blends are 100% homemade which allows them to offer unique flavors like caramel. Next time you have a day off, make sure to explore all of West Chester’s top hot cocoa locations and let us know which you think is best!