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    Dr. Jane Grosser Montgomery

    Years in Business: 16 years


    A Woman Who Has Influenced You: My mentor from dental school, Dr. Amy Hunter, who has her own dental practice in Christiansburg, VA


    Finding her place wasn’t simple for Jane Grosser. When she graduated dental school, the natural place to land would have been with father’s practice — he’s also an orthodontist. But he already had a partner, and there was no room. So she set out on her own.


    “I worked as an associate in many different offices,” she says. One of them was in West Chester, so when it was time to start her practice and her family, she made it her home. “I went from working six days a month to working six days a week, while getting married and starting a family,” says Jane.


    The community helped her thrive. “My goal was never to have a large practice, but to have a nice small one where I could get to know everyone,” Jane says. “After all, I’m still a mom first.”


    "The mom nation here is so strong. I think that’s what built me."

    Jane carved out a unique niche as one of the first West Chester female orthodontists to build her own practice. “The mom nation here is so strong and they rallied around me,” she says. “I think that’s what kept me going.”


    But establishing her practice wasn’t easy. “I had a big loan, and it was just me and my assistant for 14 years,” Jane says. “But we got to know so many West Chester families – it’s always funny to see who knows each other in the waiting room!”


    Taking a moment to consider her journey, she has some advice to others starting out. “It’s scary to own a business, but if you love what you do, it’ll all work out,” Jane says. “Too many times we’re just trying to get through the day. Instead, be kind to yourself and take the opportunities when they come.”


    Dr. Jane recently merged offices with Dr. Tanzilli to have more time with her family, but still sees all of her own patients. You can find her at