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    Polly Zobel – The Women of West Chester

    Polly Zobel – Owner of KALY

    Years in business: Thirty

    A woman who has influenced you: My mom, Holly Brown


    “My motivation for my business is to help women to feel great in their everyday lives. Too often, women are their harshest critics,” says Polly Zobel, the owner of KALY. “My goal is to have someone walk out of my store happier than when they come in.”


    Polly took over the store from her mom, Holly Brown, leaving behind a career in pharmaceutical research to buy and run KALY. “It required me to make some major financial and mindset changes to become the owner and the boss,” she says. But it also gave her more flexibility.


    “I can be there for the kids as well as my business,” Polly says. “I have a husband who tries as hard as I do to juggle work and kids. We’ve crafted a pretty nice work/life balance.” In many families, women are often the primary caregivers. And according to Polly, in order to be a female business owner, “You need to be able to focus 100% on your business when you are working and then switch and focus 100% on your family when you are home. I believe that it is harder for women to find that balance.”


    "Take risks, believe in yourself, and trust in others."

    To make that happen, Polly says there’s an incredible community of women willing to help. Her biggest advice is to “Stop denying your power and your abilities. Don’t play small just to fit in. Don’t be afraid to fail. Take risks, believe in yourself and trust in others.”


    “Being a business owner is incredibly fulfilling. I feel creative, purposeful, energetic and focused everyday,” she says. “I have never once regretted my decision.”


    She’s optimistic for the future. ”More women are taking great leaps in fields including politics and business,” Polly says. “To see so many women supporting women is incredible and heartening.”