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    Authentic: Meghan Kelly & Melissa Tabasso

    Co-owners of Four Girls On A Mission, Meghan Kelly and Melissa Tabasso started out as two like-minded women eager to make an impact in feminine equality.


    Sharing similar goals and each having two daughters (the combined “four girls” who gave name to the business venture), they were both searching for work with meaning. They only had to look as far as their kids—empowering messages for girls, as well as for women, were in short supply.


    “I was in a big-box retailer, and couldn’t find a t-shirt that had the right kind of message about woman and girls being able to do great things,” says Meghan. “The only empowering messages were at the expense of men and boys, while more hopeful, positive, and inclusive messages were missing.”


    Melissa had the same experiences. “So we sat down and within hours had a mission statement and a book full of designs,” she says. Their mission? To redefine and expand girl power, one t-shirt at a time. For each item sold,$1 is donated to carefully selected nonprofits that support women.


    Still in their first year as a business, Four Girls has been a mostly online retailer. However, their high-quality, empowering shirts are making their way into similarly-minded boutiques in the area. Tish Boutique will be the first downtown West Chester retailer to carry the Four Girls line.


    Talks are in place for another new downtown retailer to carry their baby and kid’s line. The shirts they’ve designed have messages that celebrate an inclusive form of feminism and equality, in sizes and designs for youths and adults—female and male.


    And there’s an intentional message offered by the Four Girls logo, purposefully placed on the shoulder of every shirt. “It’s there to say we’ve got your back,” says Meghan, “we stand with you.” Melissa agrees. “That’s our slogan: Speak your mind. We’ve got your back.”