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    West Chester’s Delicious Gourmet Food Market: Carlino’s

    We can’t get enough of this authentic gourmet food marketplace right in the heart of West Chester: Carlino’s.


    In this Fig Table feature, check out all the offerings at the market and meet the team behind the great flavors before visiting.



    Vegan Caponata Tart - Photo provided by Carlino's.

    The Look: A Vibrant Marketplace


    “The atmosphere at Carlino’s is very lively and inclusive,” said Richard Molinaro, Marketing Manager at Carlino’s. “No matter if you work in town coming for lunch, or you come visit the town and stop by with your whole family, our staff constantly works to ensure that everyone enjoys their experience and gets to taste our homemade goodness!”


    This gourmet food market boasts an easygoing atmosphere with help around each corner. As you browse around the store you can sample cheeses, discover an array of desserts, shop prepared foods and items to take home, and relax in an area perfect for laptops, reading, or having a conversation with a friend.


    “We can fit whatever environment you’re looking for,” said Richard. “A quaint coffee shop, a neighborhood grocery store, or an artisan market. It’s really a foodie’s paradise!”

    LEFT: Drunken Fig Stuffed Brie. RIGHT: Assorted cheese and beets. Photos provided by Carlino's.

    Sweet Creations Pastry Tray - Photo provided by Carlino's

    The Menu: So Many Sweet & Savory Options


    At Carlino’s, you’ll find a vast array of food—prepared and ready to eat, and favorites to take home.


    “We offer a variety of items including a vast deli, pastry case that will make your eyes pop, daily homemade breads, the trendiest retail products, and a collection of rustic, seasonal dishes handcrafted by our chefs throughout the store,” said Richard. “Our homemade items are a blend of our family’s traditional recipes and new, on-trend seasonal creations.”


    There is a huge range of pastas, chesses, snacks, charcuterie, breads, meats, olive oils, vinegars, cookies, cakes, chocolates, dressings, and so much more.


    “At Carlino’s we are committed to old world techniques, treasured family recipes, and the finest, local ingredients. Food and family is our business and our passion. We believe in the process of artisan food, the origin, the transformation, and how it’s shared.”

    LEFT: Creamy Chicken Florentine. RIGHT: Harvest Salad. Photos provided by Carlino's. 

    Inside The Kitchen With Angela Carlino Milani


    “My grandmother was the inspiration for Carlino’s,” said Angela Carlino Milani, Owner of Carlino’s.  “She grew up in Abruzzo, Italy. She came to this country preparing dishes from her home in Italy, where she learned to cook off the land. But when she came to America, she was able to throw in new elements and put a new spin to each dish.”


    It’s that generational legacy and strong heritage combined with forward-thinking flavor trends that motivates the team at Carlino’s to keep succeeding.


    “She loved to see the reaction of customers when she prepared something new,” said Angela. “The one dish that sticks out in my mind that became such an example of this is the Mama Carlino’s Lasagna. It is a traditional lasagna made with homemade pasta sheets layered with a creamy vodka sauce, roasted and pulled chicken breast, gorgonzola cheese crumbles, and mozzarella cheeses. It is baked to a delicious medley of pure decadence.”


    Carlino’s features this authenticity in each recipe and available product, all to help customers enjoy their next dinner or special event.


    “The experience and emotional connection we receive through the process of sharing our food with our customers is the basis of everything,” added Richard. “Being a part of special family events from weddings to Sunday night dinners really motivates us to keep working so hard.”


    Last October, in 2018, Carlino’s celebrated being part of West Chester for 11 years—and the Carlino family is always thankful to have the support of the local community.


    “The people have accepted us and have grown with us from the very beginning,” said Angela. “We look forward to another decade–and more–of growing with this great community!”

    Fall food spread. Photo provided by Carlino's. 

    Plan Your Visit


    “Carlino’s is a tribute to our family, the inspiration for everything we do,” added Angela. “Sharing this legacy and inspiration with our customers is the driving force behind our hard work.”


    Here is our Fig quick recap guide:


    • Location: Carlino’s – 128 West Market Street West Chester, PA. 19382
    • Hours: Monday-Friday 9am-7pm, Saturday 9am-6pm, Sunday 9am-4pm
    • Menu: Fresh sandwiches, subs, pizza, pastas, bakery & desserts, gourmet prepared foods to-go, authentic sauces & toppings, and more.
    • More Info: Check out the website!


    Follow Carlino’s on Instagram and Facebook to keep up to date regarding weekly specials and unique events happening.