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    Sweet Treats: Gemelli Gelato & Café

    Gemelli Artisanal Gelato & Dessert Café is a sweet destination in West Chester you don’t want to miss.


    Discover the fresh flavors of this artisanal Italian gelato and get to know the team behind this authentic sweet treat right here in the community.



    The Look: A Cozy Café


    “Julianne and I designed our Café to be inspired by the cafes you can find in an Italian piazza—warm and inviting, but also modern and clean, with plenty of light and conformable seating areas,” said Vincenzo Tettamanti, Co-Owner of Gemelli Artisan Gelato & Dessert Cafe. “We have plenty of seating inside and outside. We want our guests to enjoy and indulge in the experience, to bring their loved ones along to chat, relax, and treat themselves to amazing desserts.”


    Vincenzo and his wife Julianne started Gemelli in 2014 and continue to make a big impact on the foodie scene in West Chester.


    “The thoughtfully designed seating areas, the bright light, the warm wood and all the design elements that tie everything together,” added Vincenzo. “We also believe in transparency, so we have a window into our kitchen for our guests to watch our desserts made from scratch. We pride ourselves in having an amazing team who are always welcoming and happy to help.”

    The cannoli gelato flavor. 

    It starts with fresh ingredients. 

    Smooth and delicious. 

    The Affogato, espresso poured over gelato, is a must-try. 

    The Menu: Sweet Treats


    “At Gemelli, we are focused in offering artisan gelato, Italian desserts, and handcrafted drinks,” said Julianne, Co-Owner of Gemelli. “And we do them all extremely well.”


    But of course, the most popular dessert at gemelli is the gelato. “People love our true artisanal gelato, with eighteen flavors that change regularly and seasonally,” added Julianne. “Vincenzo’s expertise and skills allow us to offer refined and gourmet flavor combinations, mixing Italian traditions with new innovative pairings. The completely from-scratch process we use makes us the only gelato shop in the Philadelphia area to craft gelato respecting the Italian traditions.”


    The menu features classic flavors like Caramel & Himalayan Pink Sea Salt, fresh Italian Mascarpone Cheese & Nutella, hand scraped Madagascar Vanilla Bean, French Valrhona Chocolate, Pistacchio, Nocciola, Amarena, Amaretto, Ricotta & Fichi, Organic PA Ricotta & Fig Preserve, homemade Lavender, Cinnamon & Matcha infused gelato, Sicilian Cannoli (with fresh, local ricotta), Strawberry/Blueberry Cheesecake, and so many more. They even offer Vegan and Dairy-Free gelato. You can get a four-flavor gelato tasting flight, or even get an Affogato—espresso poured over your choice gelato flavor.


    As for the ingredients, those are fresh too.


    “We use only raw ingredients, we never buy powder mixes, flavorings, or colorants,” said Vincenzo. “We get most of our fresh ingredients from a co-op in Lancaster, PA, from local Chester County farms through our very own co-op here in West Chester, and the local farmers market. If it’s not locally grown, I normally stay within the United States. A great example of this is our organic pistachios from Santa Barbara, CA or our hazelnuts shipped directly from a small farm in Oregon.”


    In addition to desserts, Gemelli has partnered with local coffee roaster La Colombe and West Chester organic loose leaf tea Pure Blend to fine-tune a large selection of handcrafted coffee and tea drinks.

    Inside The Kitchen With Chef Vincenzo


    Vincenzo shared some insight into how he grew up cooking and creating, and how he shares that passion with the West Chester community.


    “I grew up in Italy and started to cook when I was twelve years old,” said Vincenzo. “I then went to college and earned a Masters Degree in Business and started working in Marketing. After I moved to the United States, I used cooking as a way to reconnect with my roots and with familiar flavors and emotions.”


    In 2009, Vincenzo started to cook even more.


    “I started making everything from scratch, from bread, to pizza dough, to pasta and everything in between,” added Vincenzo. “One thing I just could not find was authentic, scratch-made gelato and that was something I grew up with. So I decided to go back home and train professionally, to make sure I could bring to America the lost art of true artisan gelato and Italian desserts. My obsession to quality gelato, and the deep respect I have for Italian traditions and culture I grew up with, drove me. Once you leave your home, you start seeing it from a different perspective and, at least for me, that made me appreciate it even more.”


    Vincenzo loves bringing his passion and interest in food to the States.


    “Gelato is a treat I grew up with. I used to spend the summer at my Nonna’s house at the beach and after dinner we would take a walk around the main street and get a kid cone with one flavor. I loved Amarena, a milk and cream base with whole Amarena cherries and Amarena syrup folded into it.”

    Plan Your Visit


    “What I love is that I get to share my creations with my customers,” said Vincenzo. “They get to know me and appreciate all the work that goes into making these items. I can transport them to Italy, to experience the desserts I grew up with and try something they have never had around here—something truly unique.”


    Here’s our quick Fig Table recap guide:


    • Location: Gemelli Artisanal Gelato & Dessert Cafe – 12 West Market Street West Chester, PA. 19382
    • Hours: Monday-Thursday Noon-10pm, Friday/Saturday Noon-11pm, Sunday Noon-10pm
    • Menu: Authentic artisanal gelato, desserts, and beverages
    • More Info: Check out the website!


    Follow Gemelli on Instagram and Facebook to keep up to date regarding specials and unique events.