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    Key Stories Part 4: Patti Brennan

    Fig is proud to partner with Key Financial as our 2018 Female Entrepreneur Editorial Sponsor. Key Financial president Patti Brennan was recently named Forbes’ #4 Top Wealth Advisor in Pennsylvania for 2018. Patti was also one of only six Top Wealth Advisors profiled in the entire country for her willingness to go above and beyond for her clients. Please join us in congratulating Patti and Key Financial on this incredible recognition. 


    Key Stories Part 4: Patti Brennan


    The first three parts of this series on Patti Brennan, CFP, President of Key Financial, Inc., have traced her inspirational story from the company’s humble but passionately client-focused beginnings in her laundry room. Brennan weathered the financial crisis by holding on to core values and committing to seeing her team and her clients through the storm. Today the growing company is looking to the future as it continues to invest generously in the community and prepares the next generation of leaders to continue to serve clients with wisdom and care.


    Bringing Brennan’s story up to the present moment is, therefore, only the beginning. She’s been building a legacy for nearly thirty years, and she’s quick to credit successes, brilliant ideas, and innovations to her team, her “intellectual capital.” She’s also committed to supporting and encouraging the professional development of every employee.


    Key Client Specialist Liz Miller, for example, began her career in the financial industry and then took time off to raise her children. She reentered the workforce as a teacher in a private preschool, but when her youngest was in middle school and her oldest started college, she had more time to reflect on her future. For years, she had watched and respected the career of her longtime friend and neighbor, Patti Brennan, and asked her for advice. “I’d love to hire you,” Brennan said. Miller was delighted to join the team and she hasn’t looked back since. She’s grateful not only for this opportunity but also for Brennan’s support and for the ways she challenges her and pushes her out of her comfort zone. With Brennan’s encouragement, she’s studying to become the firm’s Compliance expert. “It’s not just a job,” Miller says. “It’s a career, and it’s a family. I love coming to work every day.”


    Since starting at Key Financial over 14 years ago, Eric Fuhrman, Chief Planning Officer, has received his CFP as well as his MBA and Masters in Finance from the Pennsylvania State University with Brennan’s encouragement. “We are living in an era where knowledge and information are the new commodities,” Fuhrman says. “Patti is committed to delivering an exceptional experience for our clients and is keenly aware that it begins by elevating her staff. Her advocacy for professional development represents a core principle, which is born from an altruistic ambition to help her people and her clients succeed.”


    Brennan’s mission in this series has been to lift up fellow female entrepreneurs. Her final piece of advice—for the female entrepreneurs she’s sponsored throughout this series and for anyone in business—is this: “Invest in your talent—it’s worth it!”


    Thanks to our Female Entrepreneur Editorial Sponsor, Key Financial. Key Financial believes in empowering women, and lifting up the next generation of female entrepreneurs.  Discover the new podcast, The Patti Brennan Show, that is all dedicated to helping you improve your net worth!