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    align.Space: New West Chester Co-working, Meeting, Event Space

    It’s more than just a space—it’s an environment that inspires ideation and creation.


    align.Space is one of the most exciting additions to West Chester, transforming the historic Farmers and Mechanics building at the corner of High and Market Streets!


    “We are a co-working, meeting, and event space,” said Chad Williams, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of align.Space. “For those unfamiliar with co-working, we offer everything from a place to sit down and plug in your laptop (similar to your favorite coffee shop, without the distractions), to dedicated spaces (desks and offices) all in a hip, modern environment with every office amenity you need.”


    But it isn’t just for co-working. The space can be utilized for a variety of functions and events.


    “We also offer virtual office services for those who want or need a presence in West Chester,” added Chad. “Finally, we offer meeting and event space for your business or personal events, such as off-site strategy meetings, corporate events, wedding and rehearsal dinner receptions, or private parties.”


    Check out some of the great photos of align.Space below!

    The main floor.

    The main floor offers a variety of working and meeting spaces. 

    The space was intentionally, artistically refreshed to cultivate productivity and create a variety of options for guests to use. Since align.Space opened in 2018, it has been a popular destination for a variety of programming and events.


    “In the short time we’ve been open, we have hosted a book launch, entrepreneurs’ organization meetings, private parties and happy hours,” said Chad. “We are planning other events throughout the year, such as intimate music events, art shows and unique chef tasting dinners. Beyond the events we will host, our space is open for business and available for corporate meetings, seminars, cocktail parties, and anything else the community can dream up!”

    One of the available conference rooms. 

    There are spaces and nooks ready for small meetings or closed working spaces. 

    Another view of the main floor. 

    “Every inch of our space was thoughtfully designed to deliver remarkable experiences for our members and guests,” said Chad. “The original owner of the building was the Farmers & Mechanics trust company, a bank, and the building was constructed around a vault with reinforced concrete walls and a beautifully ornate (and immovable) vault door. After sitting in the space for a while and thinking about it, we thought it would make a perfect collaboration space, so we rounded the walls and put in floor to ceiling white board space with a banquette and table.”


    It’s a beautiful project that blended historic charm and modern innovation.


    “I love art and design, and we worked with our friend and architect, Todd Danner of the firm arQitecture, to design every inch of the space,” said Chad. “Todd has an amazing eye, impeccable style, and a sense for every detail. When you visit the space, you get it.”

    One of the most fascinating parts of the building is the old vault transformed into a white board workspace. 

    Another important part of is that it will continue to change and transform along with the needs of the community and the attending guests and members.


    “We aim to deliver remarkability in everything we do,” added Chad. “So our goal is to leave our members with the impression that we’ve thought of everything (or tried to) to optimize their experience in our space. We’re also committed to continuous improvement, so we frequently survey our members and ask for feedback to make the space better. We want to take care of all of the details so our members feel energized and creative while they’re with us, and in doing so we hope to inspire them to advance their personal and professional goals.”

    Another space, artfully designed for productivity. 

    Chad and the team encourage everyone to stop by for a tour of the incredible space.


    “If you work from your home, have a small business, or even a rapidly growing team in the county, we have something for everyone,” said Chad. “Our video and podcast studio is available for creating marketing and other video and audio content and our meeting and event space is available for your business and personal events. If for no other reason, it is worth your time to see how we’ve transformed a building that is more than 100 years old, and have repositioned it for the next 100 years of business!”


    Learn more about align.Space on their website, contact the team, and schedule a time to stop by!