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    Warm Up With Iron Hill

    The cold is here, and that means heartier meals to warm you up are a must! All over West Chester, fall is in full swing and squash, mushrooms, and stews are starting to be found in abundance. If you are looking for a place with a hearty menu, give Iron Hill West Chester a try! Their menu is continuously and meticulously crafted by Executive Chef Ed Capozzi


    Iron Hill revolutionized the business scene on Gay St. when they opened their second location back in 1998. Even back then, they saw the hunger our community had for a watering hole that was committed to all things local and all things delicious. Fast-forwarding to today, they continue to be champions of flavor and we were honored to get the opportunity to sit down with Ed and try out one of their mainstay dishes.

    Meet Executive Chef Ed Capozzi!

    This particular visit, Ed introduced us to the ever-popular dish, Jaeger Schnitzel. It is a core menu item that visitors and regulars alike, can never resist.


    The dish features pan-fried pork cutlets, house-made herbed spaetzle, haricots verts, and roasted mushroom—all with a Wee Heavy Ale sauce and optional gravy. This is a core menu item that pairs nicely with almost everything. Chef Capozzi did suggest that the meal pairs very well with the Iron Hill Light Lager, a name stay beer, and the High Street Bock, a strong amber lager featuring a smooth, bread-like malt.

    Upon the first bite, it was undeniable how comforting this dish tasted! It has a good mix of textures—from the crispy cutlet to the chewy spaetzle and roasted vegetables. The gravy itself is rich, creamy, and full of flavor. When partnered with the Iron Hill Light Lager beer, it cuts through those flavors perfectly and acts as a palate cleanser. Easy to say, we highly recommend.


    The Jaeger Schnitzel has a comforting Pennslyvania Dutch flavor that just carries you away to a flavorful wonderland.

    Iron Hill offers a unique Chef Featured menu that changes periodically. The entire team collaborates on roughly six unique dishes weekly to tantalize the taste buds. They typically feature a blend of limited time offers, local partnerships, seasonal ingredients, and custom beer pairings to complement your experience. Additionally, Iron Hill releases a new menu twice a year to keep things fresh.


    If you are looking to get toasty and well-fed this winter season, the corner of W Gay St. and N High St. is the place to be. Come on over and warm up with a hearty meal cooked to perfection just for you!