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    Authentic: Erica DeHart

    “If you give me a surface, I'll paint it," says artist Erica DeHart.

    She’s brought color and beauty to everything from multistory murals to canvases, cakes, and cars. “The medium is secondary,” she says. “If you can visualize it, you can make it come to life.”


    Erica grew up in the country, a sketchbook her constant companion. Her mom, who’s still her biggest encourager, told her to “Draw what you see.” She also allowed young Erica to paint on the walls—as long as she did a sketch first and repainted them afterward.


    The Master’s Baker founder Jerie Weldon took Erica on in the early days “on a trial basis,” and 26 years later Erica still enjoys hand-painting cakes for the award-winning bakery. After studying at Tyler School of Art, she worked in illustration and then found her niche in mural painting. Her work can be seen all over the West Chester University campus as well as in homes, businesses, schools, and churches throughout the tri-state area. Versatility is one of her trademarks, and she also enjoys doing trompe l’oeil, plein air, and oil painting.


    “I learn something new in every project and love building relationships with clients,” she says. Erica brought her son and daughter up with paintbrushes in hand, and she loves empowering everyone—from children in schools to seniors in nursing homes—to collaborate, participate, and have ownership in the murals that beautify the spaces where they live, work, and study. “I feel blessed to be able to do what I love to do and what God gifted me to do,” she says.


    To find out more about Erica DeHart and her murals visit her online at or follow her work on Instagram at @muralsfromdehart.