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    Jean Gross’ tips for making your home a sanctuary of wellness.

    WITH OVER 30 YEARS IN REAL ESTATE, JEAN GROSS has seen many beautiful homes. Whether your home is big or small, new or old, here is her tried-and-true list of ways to ensure your living space offers wellness and joy to all who live in it.


    1 Set aside a reading nook. Choose a small space in your house that feels cozy and quiet. Set up pillows, blankets, bookshelves, and a spot to put your coffee. Carve out some time each day and do something that brings you joy. Whether it’s reading, meditating, journaling, or just sitting with your thoughts, having a defined space for this is life-changing.


    2 Plant a garden. There’s nothing like growing and harvesting your very own vegetables or flowers. Even if your garden is a collection of pots, tending to something that brings nourishment to our bodies and souls is an ancient practice. 3 Set up an outdoor living space. Design an area that allows you to get outside during all four seasons and fills up your senses. You’ll find it is invigorating to walk barefoot on the grass and let your feet connect with the earth. Make sure to add comfy furniture and calming accents to your deck or porch. Or get really creative and set up curtain sheers to define an outdoor room that invites the inside, out.


    4 Add a water feature. This can be done in any space both indoors or outside, but the sound of moving water brings an indescribable zen quality to any home.


    5 Invite birds into your yard, balcony, or front porch. Install bird feeders, bird baths, or a miniature pond and discover how fun it is to have your property full of life and song. You could begin a new hobby by learning to identify each and every bird.


    6 Throw a dinner party or Saturday brunch for your neighbors. Invite a family you haven’t met yet to join in the fun. Opening your home to others leads to genuine connections and can make your neighborhood feel so much friendlier.


    Whether buying or selling a home, the process is an ‘emotional roller coaster’ and if you choose to take that ride with Jean & her team, they will be there for you every ‘bump’ of the way. Visit for more information.