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    Key Financial

    Address: 1045 Andrew Drive, Suite A West Chester, PA, 19380
    Phone: 610.429.9050

    This large and well-established firm manages to maintain an intimate relationship, serving people they consider family. Established over 30 years ago, the firm manages over $1Billion with a retention rate of 98% that is the envy of the industry. Patti’s vision, her ability to solve problems, and the desire to serve each client is infectious and shared by every member of her team. Clients have security knowing this deep bench is unlike any others, and they will be taken care of like family for the rest of their lives, and beyond.


    Through a culture rooted in the tenets of wisdom, perspective, and commitment, the Key Financial team provides each client with a personalized financial plan with multiple scenarios, stress tests, and what-ifs. Their approach to concierge service has resulted in a new standard for the client experience. This, paired with Patti’s unique ability to communicate complex financial concepts through understandable terms, has garnered recognition by Forbes, The Financial Times, and Barron’s as one of the Top Advisors in America, year after year for almost two decades.

    After graduating from Georgetown University with a degree in Nursing, Patti worked in the oncology unit as an ICU nurse before channeling her compassion for others to work as a financial planner. Her intellectual capacity is as boundless as her energy, and in 1990 Patti founded
    Key Financial, Inc. while also raising four children. Like most startup businesses, it was small—just Patti and a part time employee that worked out of a converted laundry room just off the kitchen. A combination of interpersonal skills and keen attention to detail has helped Key Financial grow to the award-winning firm it is today.

    The Key to Financial Success is to Avoid Making the Same Mistakes  Over and Over Again!

    Financial security doesn’t happen accidentally. The Key Financial team has identified 15 mistakes that can be avoided, which will result in living a fulfilling life with peace of mind. This comes from feeling organized and in control, and free from worry with more time spent with the people you love. Don’t just turbocharge your financial affairs, optimize your life. Below are two mistakes people make. To find out the other top mistakes, call for a free consultation!


    • Using the Wrong Benchmark
      Don’t compare your return to a benchmark or try to beat the S&P 500. The return you need to meet your goals IS the benchmark. You meet them or you don’t…over time. If a portion of the portfolio is underperforming, understand why and whether it could be temporary. Rebalance and make course corrections to align it to the original plan design. Eventually, with some attention and tweaking from time to time, this process should bring returns to the expected level needed to meet your objectives. This is the only thing you should worry about.
    • Focusing on Returns Instead of Outcomes
      It is not uncommon for people to review their portfolio and ask: “What were the returns?” This is the wrong thing to focus on. What you want to know is, “Will this portfolio provide enough cash flow to cover all of my expenses until I die?” That is the only true metric of a successful strategy. If a portfolio is not covering all of your expenses, it is not doing its job, no matter how impressive the return.

    A Word From Patti Brennan

    As a member of the West Chester community, Key Financial has been providing planning and wealth management for over 30 years. As one of the Top 100 Advisors in America, our award-winning team understands you’ve worked hard to accumulate assets and you’re much more than just your money. Over the years, we’ve helped thousands of people raise their families, live the lives they planned for, and retire in comfort—with better peace of mind. YOU get to do this once!

    • Nationally recognized, but close to home.
    • We are Key Financial–Wealth Management with Wisdom and Care.