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    Fresh Face: Luxey Little Ones – Jennifer Poe

    Jennifer Poe couldn’t find anything other than big-box baby stores when she was expecting her fourth child. “Between the time I had my first, who’s 13, and this one, all the specialty boutiques disappeared,” she says. So she got to work.


    “I was having a baby and a store baby at the same time,” she says. Jennifer opened Luxey Little Ones, a full-service luxury baby and child boutique in Newtown, PA, last year. In May, another branch can be found on Gay Street in West Chester. Luxey Little Ones offers everything— furniture, clothing, and accessories.


    Jennifer also runs an interior design company, Rittenhouse Home. Because of her background, Luxey Little Ones will offer design services, as well, for nurseries and children’s rooms.

    "There are a lot of new families that need the experience and help we can give them."

    Along with all the products and services, Luxey Little Ones offers the unique viewpoint and experience of a mother of four. “When you go into the big-box store, someone who’s helping you may not be a mom,” Jennifer says. “We can help choose a stroller, for example, tell you what you need and what you don’t. It’s not just the stroller, it’s our experience.” Luxey offers a registry service to expectant mommies, ensuring they receive the must-haves in baby gear and the red carpet experience.


    Jennifer’s looking forward to putting down roots in the borough. “There are a lot of new families that need the experience and help we can give them,” she says. The services are geared to the needs of busy moms. “Call us, shop online, whatever you need and we’ll ship it or deliver it,” Jennifer says. “There’s such a sense of community here.”