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    Jamie Jones & Patty Jefferis – The Women of West Chester

    Jamie Jones & Patty Jefferis – COO & President of Whirlaway Travel

    Years in business: Eight & Thirty-Three

    A woman who has influenced you: Jamie: “My mom.” Patty: “My best friend Sandy.”


    Patty Jefferis ignored the doubters and bought WhirlAway Travel in 1985 — and was so successful that she was debt-free in short time. Daughter Jamie Jones grew up in the business, formally joining as COO eight years ago.


    It’s no secret the internet changed the travel industry, allowing travelers to book their own adventures. So Patty and Jamie adapted and thrived while other agencies closed their doors. “People ask how we’re still in business,” says Patty. “Time and time again, we’ve had to adjust the way we operate, we never stay stagnant.”  


    Now WhirlAway specializes in creating travel experiences as unique as those traveling. “We help open minds and hearts by overcoming challenges to traverse the world, meet new people, learn history, and explore nature,” says Jamie. “We believe that appreciating the diversity that makes us all unique is essential to the future of the world.”


    "Work to live, not live to work."

    Jamie’s goal was to create a cohesive team to serve a clientele that demands the best and wants to travel the world. “We invest in our business,” says Jamie. “Our team is constantly traveling and learning to ensure that we are able to provide the best travel experiences available.”


    No matter where they roam, though, West Chester is home, and family is the priority. “Family comes first,” says Patty, “whether it’s a sick kid or the typical mom-duties, we support each other and understand that we all work to live, not live to work.”


    Patty’s advice to women beginning their careers? “Take risks, because even if you fail, you will learn and it will make you stronger. Don’t second guess your abilities.” And after a short pause she adds: “Travel as much as you can, as far as you can go, and see the world!”