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    These Bricks Tell Stories

    This story by Guest Blogger Jesse Eldredge 



    It’s a beautiful morning in downtown West Chester. You grab your cup of coffee and cozy up into your favorite window seat. The warm sun bounces off the worn red bricks. You wonder who all has been here. You take your first sip slowly.


    As you peer out, suits and ties scurry into their workplaces. College students burst out their doors and rush to class. Store keepers tidy up and get ready to serve their customers. Kids hop on the school bus ready to tackle their day. Dogs wag their tails on their morning walks.


    This little town of yours is moving and shaking. This little town of yours is alive.


    But how is it that a town full of such stark contrast feels so smooth and cohesive? How do so many things that don’t feel like they belong in the same sentence fit so perfectly together? As you continue to observe, you realize that the answer lies within the people of West Chester.


    It’s a place where kids come to discover their passions and advance their education.


    It’s a place where families settle down and people start exciting lives together.


    It’s a place where young people and old people collide. A place where curiosity and potential sit face to face with wisdom and experience.


    It’s a place where entrepreneurs set out to make their wildest dreams come true. A place where hard work and perseverance stand the test of time.


    It’s a place where artists of all kinds have the opportunity to create and share their talents with the world.


    A place where hectic urban life sprawls out and slows down into the beautiful countryside of Chester County.


    It’s a place full of character; where history crashes up against new innovation and technology.


    Perhaps the real beauty in this mystery lies within West Chester’s ability to establish a community where all these differences are embraced. Brick by brick, this town was built to welcome all who stumble upon it with open arms. These lively streets are home to so many amazing individuals in various walks of life. All on this journey together. All with something magnificent to offer one another and to offer this world.


    To the people of West Chester, may you continue to support and encourage each other. May you always embrace each other’s differences and respect one another regardless of what walk of life you are in. Young and old—learn from each other and be open. Come together as a community and cultivate stronger, deeper relationships. Go after the things that matter to you and dare to dream big dreams. After all, these bricks tell stories.


    What story will yours tell?