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    Wally’s Wiener World Celebrates 32 Years

    Anyone who is from the West Chester area will be able to recognize the blue and white beach umbrella covering the famous hot dog stand on the corner of High and Market Street. Scott “Wally” Vassil, endearingly known as Wally to all of his customers, has been running Wally’s Wiener World since 1985, shortly after he graduated from West Chester University. He loves many aspects of running his hot dog stand, but nothing beats interacting outside every day with his customers.


    “They’re the best part of the job,” Wally said. “Over 32 years, I have generations of regulars. They would bring their kids, and then their kids would grow up and they would bring their kids. There are almost three generations. It’s really cool.”

    LEFT: Wally displays his sign. RIGHT: One of the famous hot dogs served at the stand!

    Wally graduated from West Chester University with a degree in Criminal Justice. After working for the government investigating casinos around Atlantic City, he realized the job wasn’t for him.


    “At 22-years-old, it was horrible to be expected to wear a suit and get up to go to work every day,” Wally said. “So I decided to quit my job and open a hot dog stand.”


    He is most proud of running this hot dog stand for 32 years, making him one of the longest-running businesses in West Chester. He’s seen a fair amount of activity since he has been in business.

    The hot dog stand ready for customers. 

    When he’s not working, Wally enjoys golfing, bartending, and traveling to the Caribbean every February with his wife. And though he’s a Long Island native, he will forever root for the Philadelphia sports teams.


    Overall, he enjoys going to work every day and wouldn’t change a thing.


    “Just find what you like to do and just do it,” he said. “I will never be rich, but I will always be happy and never have any stress in my life. That’s the most important thing — no stress. This job was truly a godsend,” Wally continued. “That’s why I’ve been doing it for so long. I love it!”


    You can stop by Wally’s Wiener World during the week from 10:30 to 2pm between every March through October and order one of his delicious hot dogs, which start at $2.25.